Night of The Rat God

Night of The Rat God

The Chain Story is pleased to announce the release of its first story, Night of the Rat God by Michael A. Stackpole. Clicking on the title will send you to the story.

Michael A. Stackpole is a New York times Bestselling author of over forty novels, including I, Jedi and Rogue Squadron. Night of the Rat God is his first story for The Chain Story. It’s also the first story involving Doctor Nathaniel Charon, a character which has slowly been maturing in the back of his mind. Charon first appeared as an adventurer whose travels resulted in a collection of oddities which formed a museum in Second Life. From writing five paragraph micro-tales, Mike has progressed into doing full-blown novellas and has outlined a number of novels for Dr. Charon and his comrades.

You can learn more about Michael and his work at his website,

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