They Don’t Drive Cars

They Don’t Drive Cars

The Chain Story is happy to release its twenty-second story, They Don’t Drive Cars by Scott S. Phillips. Click on the story title to head to the tale.

In addition to his previous careers (installing gas pumps, bussing tables, painting apartments, cleaning toilets, delivering pizza and running his own video store) Scott S. Phillips has written in almost every capacity imaginable: films, TV, comic books and even dialogue for talking dolls. He’s also the author of the novelĀ Squirrel Eyes, a short story collection calledTales of Misery and Imagination, and his film reviews have been collected in the aptly titled Unsafe On Any Screen.

You can learn more about Scott S. Phillips and his work online at:


They Don’t Drive Cars is a selection from the collection Tales of Misery and Imagination. The collection is available in a variety of formats, each of which can be purchased by clicking the appropriate link below:

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