The Longest Distance

The Longest Distance

The Chain Story is pleased to announce the release of its fifteenth story, The Longest Distance by Sherry D. Ramsey. Clicking on the title will send you to Sherry’s Website.

Sherry D. Ramsey is a speculative fiction writer from Nova Scotia, Canada. She has been the Editor/Publisher of The Scriptorium Webzine for Writers for over ten years, and is one of the founding editors of the independent Third Person Press. Her short fiction and poetry have appeared in publications such as Thoughtcrime Experiments, Speculative Realms, Neo-Opsis, On Spec, Oceans of the Mind, Destination: Future, and Astropoetica.
Sherry is also the assistant workshop leader for The Quillians, a vibrant writing community in the virtual world of Second Life; a mentor for National Novel Writing Month; a member of the Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia Writer’s Council; and the current Secretary-Treasurer of SF Canada.

She started writing “The Longest Distance” ten years ago, but the story fizzled out in the middle and languished in limbo on her hard drive. It wasn’t until the Chain Story project came along that the rest of the tale revealed itself with startling clarity and the story was finally finished–which is why Sherry never, ever, deletes half-finished stories…

You can find out more about Sherry and her work at her website:

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  1. Interesting project! Shades of Callahan’s crosstime saloon re: the framing device. 🙂

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